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Zambian Lotto is the official Zambian national lottery and it has been live for more than 10 years owing nearly 50 departments in the country from where you can participate in the distribution of the biggest lottery jackpot in our country which reaches up to K 10 000 000. Thanks to the partnership with MTN the participation is now possible even from your own home or even without getting out of your bed.

Just grab your phone and fill in a bet slip. In this article we add the following hot topics regarding Zambian national lottery and its online platform – which customers can access this remote betslips, how to participate in a lottery via a mobile phone and how Zambian Lotto company’s mobile website looks like.

Does Zambian Lotto have a mobile application?

No, Zambian Lotto doesn’t have any application, but practically the betting company doesn’t need one as a lottery operator’s website is not needed to make a bet. However, the company owns a website, but it has an informative function. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have a mobile version, though. This lottery company’s websites for computers and smartphones look the same way, but yet the version for the mobile devices is a bit limited in order to make the final view of the smart device screen as optimal as possible.

As a whole, we cannot say anyhow that Zambian Lotto is a comfortable to be used website via a mobile device, but this isn’t such a big job as you are not going to need to enter this page on such a regular basis except for checking out the winning numbers from the last lottery edition.

How does the lottery in Lotto Zambia look like and how to join it via a mobile device?

Zambian Lotto’s lottery game is in a 6 from 42 format (besides 6 numbers, a drawing is made for one additional number) and the profit is won every time you have at least three correctly predicted numbers. The prizes are:

  • 30 kwacha in case of 3 correctly predicted numbers
  • 250 kwacha in case of 4 correctly predicted numbers
  • 5 000 kwacha in case of 5 correctly predicted numbers
  • Between 10 and 200 thousands of kwacha in case of 5 correctly predicted numbers + correct prediction of the additional number
  • Jackpot prize which is at least 200 000 kwacha, but can also reach up to 10 million of kwacha in case of 6 correctly predicted numbers

Only 5 kwacha – the ticket price – takes you from the millions of kwacha you have the chance to win every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. ZNBC TV streams the drawing editions live. Each live stream begins at 21:00. The results from each edition are uploaded almost immediately in Zambian Lotto Mobile website.

Meanwhile, those punters who already have an official registration in MTN Money (and they have enough money that can get a single bet at an amount of 5 kwacha) can buy a bet slip and fill in the numbers directly via a mobile device. For this purpose you should enter the mobile payment platform menu by sending a code *303#. In this platform you will see a menu with several options and one of them is the Zambian Lotto option.

Click on it and everything else you will have to do is to pick up your numbers. On the other side, there’s an option called Quick Pick. It generates automatically and instead of you 6 numbers to participate in the lottery with.

You will then, receive SMS message for a confirmation of your betslip. In this message you will find the following information:

  • Your betslip number
  • Your selected numbers
  • Date and drawing edition number your betslip refers to